Meeting Yann Sciberras, the painter of the news. On the TF1 television news

This Sunday, Yann Sciberras will spontaneously paint the coronavirus epidemic. A theme that has greatly inflamed his imagination. To carry out his challenge, he needs acrylic, brushes, but also a hairdryer. In this work, the message is written in English to be understood in every country affected by Covid-19. This subject was broadcasted in the 1pm news of 02/08/2020 presented by Audrey Crespo-Mara on TF1.

Report by Delphine Sitbon, Edwige Wamanisa and Romain Reverdy.

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« There is one artist who has left a huge impression on us at Debut and its founder Samir Ceric. This artist is called Yann Sciberras and his style is unique... »
Samir Ceric CEO & Cofounder DEBUT CONTEMPORARY