Art collector testimony : David Yven

I live at the Pointe de Mané-Hellec, in Sainte-Hélène, in Morbihan.
Statistically, my chances of living next door to a punk artist painter were relatively low.
So I didn’t miss the opportunity. I commissioned Yann to paint a portrait of my girlfriend. A portrait of her, but also of all the women and people involved today in associations and communities, in living together, defending our environment, defending life and so on.
This commitment seems to me today more punk than babacool, because in this engagement, we have to fight, strongly, conservatism, reticence, individualism, ignorance… But this struggle is also a permanent and joyful celebration.
There is already something of all this in Yann’s painting, and that is exactly the message he has been able to convey on his canvas.

David Yven – Art Collector