Art collector Testimony : Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari

In 2011 a friend sent me some pictures of a painting she saw at an art fair in Paris.
I immediately was attracted by the pop colours and composition, as well as the acidity that embodies Yann’s work.Yann is a story teller and I am an avid reader and viewer so his work talked to me immediately.It was street art I could relate to and, most importantly, that could be inside someone’s home.
My friend had thought I would enjoy it for myself as a collector, but also maybe for some projects for clients.
At the time I had just opened an interior design shop for children and teenagers and had the intention of having small unpretentious exhibitions with children in mind.
So I asked Yann whether he would accept to create a body of work that would resonate with a younger audience.
To my joy Yann immediately said yes.
When he showed me what he did I was ecstatic….
Yann  had managed to produce works that were as powerful as the ones I had seen, but referencing their world.
My favourite one was a take on Little red riding hood which was beautiful and
would please a young eye yet retained the acidity which is Yann’s essence.

The collaboration organically grew when I asked him if he would kindly do a painting for my son’s birthday.
We gave him the references and things like football team, favourite treat and my son’s passion for mythology.
The result was so powerful and beautiful that everyone who saw it wanted one for their own kids.
Yann’s enthusiasm for life and his curiosity keep feeding his art.
I also saw Yann’s performance at the Saatchi gallery and understood the amount of energy he physically puts in his creations and why his paintings radiate such energy.
I am looking forward to collaborate again with Yann soon.

Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari – NBB Design – London