BULTHAUP testimony

It was my brother-in-law who introduced me to Yann Sciberras’ work… my husband and I immediately loved his style: the bright colours, the « children’s drawings », the graffiti… then it’s interesting to sit down and try to interpret the messages that Yann wanted to convey in each of his works… there’s always a primary meaning and a much deeper meaning that makes us think….
I had loved his televised performance when he drew up in 5 hours a retrospective of the year 2012, the result was impressive!
After offering Yann to exhibit his paintings in our bulthaup kitchen showroom in Rennes, my husband and I wanted to extend the experience by asking him to make a personalized canvas for our store… he asked us a few questions about what we wanted but we gave him carte blanche. …we are delighted with the result and never get tired of looking at it !…it is impressive to see how on 1 square of canvas of 1m2, Yann has been able to transcribe and imitate the foundations, values and qualities of our company with of course subtle points of humour …
Today, I often wonder how Yann would translate such and such a situation into painting!

Anne-Christine Chartin