Bus Expo

Bus Expo is a travelling exhibition created in 2015

with the objective of contributing to the democratization of contemporary art among the general public. The concept was conceived by Pascal PAUL, a French entrepreneur, of Haitian origin, a fan of contemporary art. He had the idea of replacing advertising posters on buses with works of art in order to make artistic creation known to as many people as possible, particularly in areas described as « cultural deserts ».

Bus Expo’s main mission is to bring art out of museums and galleries by bringing it to the general public through a travelling exhibition. To do this, the organisers use the advertising space on buses by affixing reproductions of works that are, in parallel, exhibited in a mobile museum




2015: a successful first edition

It is in April 2015 that the first edition of Bus Expo was launched. This new kind of travelling exhibition is created by a media entrepreneur who is also a collector of contemporary art. Pascal PAUL had the idea of replacing the advertising space available on the Les Cars Air France bus network (now known as Le Bus Direct) with reproductions of works by 6 artists selected by a jury sponsored by Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr under the artistic direction of Stéphanie Dendura. The works presented on the buses benefited from a free exhibition for 4 weeks.

The 2015 winners of Bus Expo:

– Yann Sciberras

– Ann Grimm

– Lahcen Khedim

– Jan Lisman

– Ariè Botbol

– Robert Faure