Yann Sciberras Artist

Coming from Punk Rock culture, Yann Sciberras is also a professionnal singer, song-writer, author and performer he has to his credit several albums and numerous concerts, notably with his latest music band GROOVYTHINGZ.
Today, he devotes himself to painting but without forgetting music. , he creates art that is eclectic and energetic, wacky and offbeat, and very urban. His work serves as a sort of social protest, a punch in the face of contemporary consumer culture. His art screams : signs, images, words, and warnings are rendered in vivid colors. And yet, Sciberras’ paintings do not moralize ; they simply bear witness to our shared society. With words flashing as slogans, his artwork opens out towards the world as a stunning comunication tool – a form of visual poetry.
In 2012, the TF1 channel asked Yann Sciberras to summarize the news of 2012 on a canvas as part of a five-hour performance. The report, entitled “Retrospective in painting”, was broadcast on December 31, 2012 on the 8pm TV news. The canvas (2×2 meters) is displayed in the TF1 newsroom.
Guest of honour at HUGO BOSS, the artist is performing live at the VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT 2012. The canvas is on display at HUGO BOSS’ Paris headquarters.
In September 2018 Yann Sciberras exhibited and performed a live performance at the SAATCHI Gallery in London during the START ART FAIR 2018 where he was also speaker at the ART WORLD FORUM conference “Emergence and Confluence”.







«LART AU SOMMET 8ème édition» – Courchevel

EPALI’ART– « De l’industriel à l’oeuvre d’art » – EPALIA – PARIS

BUS EXPO – Oeuvres sur les bus AIR FRANCE – PARIS

CAPGEMINI – « A succcess story » – Report annuel 2014 – PARIS



ART SPEED DATING – Métro parisien RATP – LINE 14 – PARIS














LAGO STORE – Mobilier design – RENNES










When Street Art invests the Table Arts


The Mauviel brand of kitchen utensils has given carte blanche to a dozen artists in order to create unique and original objects, all sold for a good cause. For the second edition of the M’Cook Art project, Mauviel, a high-end cooking utensils company created in 1830, offered a dozen artists the opportunity to work, transform, dress, cut, weld or paint the utensil of their choice. Their only limits being their imagination and the theme « The 7 deadly sins – the gluttony »

The painter Yann Sciberras also participated in this project. He approaches art as a snapshot of real life, current events, our way of life, our anxieties and fantasies. He thus printed his art on a plate using graffiti representing slogans, words, images responding to his perception of what surrounds him. These everyday objects transformed into works of art will be auctioned at a sale to be held at the Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris on September 11. The profits from the sale will be entirely donated to the « Toutes à l’école » association, which works in Cambodia to develop the schooling of underprivileged girls and adolescents.


Customization of sneakers in collaboration with shoe designer JMLEGAZEL. Paris


A unique concept in Paris, the JMLeGazel store brings back the art of patinas on leather shoes. Lovers of dandyism and fine materials are at home in this amazing new atmosphere.Jean-Marie Gazel, 35, founder of the brand and graduate from the Beaux-Arts school in Paris, invites you to discover his Exclusive Collection of shoes, created with master manufacturers from Italy and PortugalAstonishing colored derbies, loafers or oxfords welcome you in a place dedicated to creation. JMLeGazel make their own patinas and glazing according to your tastes and desires, on old shoes and new ones. JMLeGazel’s know-how is the result of many years of experience and the come back of a particular kind of elegance; being unique. The emphasis is on the details that make the difference, combined with a precise customer guidance. JMLeGazel selects the best French leathers (from Les Tanneries Du Puy, Annonay) to dress your feet in both elegant and timeless pieces.More than simple shoes, these are true works of art that will walk with you daily and leave your footprints in time.

« Retrospective in painting », is broadcast on 31 December 2012 on the TV news

In 2012 the French TV channel TF1 asks Yann Sciberras to sum up the news of the year on a canvas within a five-hour performance.
The report, entitled « Retrospective in painting », is broadcast on 31 December 2012 on the TV news from 8:00 p. m. The painting (2×2 meters) is displayed in the TF1 newsroom.

“We had followed Yann Sciberras painting this canvas, which is now part of the TF1 editorial team in our daily décor. I am very happy to see Thierry Thuillier, Director of Information, pose in front of this board for his itw at the JDD.”

Michel Izard 03/02/2019

2012 TF1 editorial office with the journalist Michel Izard

A must-attend fashion event, Vogue Fashion Night Out will also showcase art through Yann Sciberras, guest of honour at Hugo Boss.

Always involved in contemporary art – especially since 1996 when the brand created the Hugo Boss Prize with the Guggenheim Foundation – the German brand once again aims to bring art and fashion together. On the occasion of the Vogue Fashion Night Out organised on 6 September in Paris, Hugo Boss calls on the contemporary artist Yann Sciberras. Invited to produce a live performance inspired by the house’s codes, the one who mixes self-mockery and humour counts – through his slogans and poetry – on skating the universe of luxury with more urban influences.

Hugo Boss – 374 Rue Saint-Honoré Paris 1er.

Interview of the artist Yann Sciberras by Capucine Safyurtlu of VOGUE Magazine, during the Vogue Fashion Night Out2012 at the HUGO BOSS boutique at 372 rue St HonoréParis.

The canvas is on display at HUGO BOSS’ Paris headquarters

Once stuck in traffic, it’s still nicer to skip the usual ads to take the time to admire works of art… A small artistic feat set up in the streets of Paris from April 27 to May 17, thanks to the initiative Bus Expo.

Contemporary art is trying to become a little more democratic and is getting ready to take the bus, or more precisely the bus. For three weeks, the Air France Cars – which commute between the centre of Paris and the airports – will make the 6m2 of visibility available at the back of each vehicle available to six promising artists (Jan Lisman, Yann Sciberras, Ann Grim, Arié Botbol, Robert Faure and Lahcen Khedim) identified by the « 44 Kleber collective ». The objective of this first mobile exhibition of contemporary art: to bring art down to the street and make it accessible to all.

By Pauline Pellissier April 27, 2015

Vernissage Bus Expo May 2015 with Maître Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr

For two consecutive years (2011 and 2012),in partnership with the RATP, Yann Sciberras exhibits 16 works in parisian subway on line 14 (stations :Madeleine, Gare de Lyon, Bercy and Pyramides)

If you have the opportunity to take line 14, you can enjoy the « Stop it! Art, utopia and mechanics« .

And if you don’t go there, it may be a good opportunity to go and discover the Bercy, Gare de Lyon, Pyramide and Madeleine resorts.

Five artists, painters and sculptors, have been invited by RATP, in partnership with Art Up Déco, to invest the cultural showcases with their works.

Terri Bourdon, Thierry Deroche, Laurent Godard, Karine Romanelli and Yann Sciberras share their vision of today’s world. Constraints, joys and emotions are mixed with the elements that they believe move the world and life: art, utopia and mechanics. « Stop it! « to stop, for a moment at a glance, for a metro to arrive, to discover their vision with pleasure and humour.

Street Art and Courchevel: an unexpected and surprising encounter…

Over the past 8 years, the city of Courchevel has become a real cultural springboard. Often associated with rhinestones and glitter, the resort of Courchevel nevertheless welcomes thousands of visitors each year, all more different from each other.

For this 8th edition of « L’Art au Sommet », designed to introduce the art of our time, artists invite themselves to the table and graffiti makes its way onto the slopes!

The gap between the immaculate snow and the bright colours of the graffiti may surprise you, but Street Art is more than ever THE movement that is the most important today: a movement of Rebellion and Freedom.

A group of the best international graffiti artists and Urban Street Artists….

the City of Courchevel invites you to meet the best Street Artists in the world.

Empty Sky » and « Traffic » mailboxes in the spotlight in the 50’Inside show on TF1 dedicated to the 8th edition of l’Art au Sommet in Courchevel, which brings together the best graffiti artists and urban street artists in the world.

Commissioned by the interior design agency “Vie Privée”, Yann Sciberras created two frescoes on the ceiling of the famous night club “La Contre Escarpe” in Rennes.

Fresco painted on the ceiling of the “CONTRE ESCARPE” in Rennes

« When the raw and industrial product Epakub becomes a work of art between the hands of artists ». This is the theme of the Epaliart’ exhibition, organised on Thursday 15 October 2015 at Galerie Kleber (Paris 16) under the sponsorship of Pierre Cornette de St-Cyr, auctioneer and President of the Palais de Tokyo. Jan Lisman (digital artist and video maker), Cat Soubbotnik (author-photographer) and Yann Sciberras (painter) have the challenge of appropriating and revisiting the Epakub modular load carrier from Epalia.

Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr and Yann Sciberras in front of the work of the artist “BROKEN WALL”

Furniture hit the spotlight

« A flow of images and words as warning signs of a witness of our society »

As you know, the editorial staff of Téva Déco will be visiting Paris to find the right addresses and, above all, the right decoration tips. Today, the new Art Up Déco gallery concept offers you its exhibition of artistic furniture as a unique piece from June 9 to July 10 by artist Yann Sciberras in collaboration with Lilly Ondulée. An exhibition that follows the success of the presentation of a first console at the Maison & Objet show in January 2011….

For several years, Fabienne Vieren and Laurent Jugeau of Art Up Déco have been presenting the works of the unconventional artist Yann Sciberras, who is offbeat and resolutely urban, from punk and rock culture. A pictural work at the same time spontaneous, full of humour and self-derision…

Opening up to the world through drawing and vivid colours, this incisive artist symbolizes furniture as a vehement art, inspired by ecological claims and kicking in the ants of a consumer society.

Its collection of unique pieces of recycled cardboard, graphic, coloured and highly resistant and washable is completed by a presentation of original plexiglass furniture, thanks to an innovative process with its authentic paintings that will be inserted according to your choice.

Discover an urban painting, instinctive, influenced by the movement of free figuration and bad painting…
Coralie Simon

Bobo Kids is a specialist kids interiors shop in the heart of Chelsea Green. This month it hosts the first in a series of exhibitions, starting with the French street artist, Yann Sciberras (until 31 July). His groovy, street style is just the thing to pep up a hip teenage bedroom or an urban nursery, and mixes fantasy with words and slogans.

The shop is an excellent source of stylish kids’ furniture, homewares and artwork, and there is a full interior design service.

Find Bobo Kids at 29 Elystan Street, Chelsea Green, SW3 3NT, bobokids.co.uk

By Judith Wilson.

The artist Yann Sciberras has created 13 paintings commissioned by BOBO KIDS on childhood themes, whose collectors include David Beckham, Claudia Schiffer…

As a manufacturer of high-end cuisine, the BULTHAUP brand commissioned the artist Yann Sciberras to create a work describing the brand’s DNA. The “GET ONE” canvas (120 x 120 cm) is permanently exhibited in the showroom of BULTHAUP Rennes

Created in 2002 and with sustained growth in France and abroad, WAVETEL is now a recognized expert in metrology applied to computer and telecom networks and cybersecurity. In 2017, the company called on the artist Yann Sciberras to design its new advertising medium. The artist creates the canvas “KEEP CONNECTED” and creates different patches for the different advertising media.

The canvas « Keep Connected » on BFM Business in the show « La gnaque de la semaine » on 02/03/2018 with the company WAVETEL .

« No More Gas » at the RV CLASSIC workshop , the unique private club dedicated to the restoration of Porsche 911s, where know-how is combined with heritage and prestige.
4 Rue de la Retardais, 35000 Rennes.

Originally from Stanford California, USA, Kaleido AR is an augmented reality-show startup. Launched in the summer of 2019 by an American collector of Yann Sciberras, the latter asked the artist to sign and paint 15 limited series and 5 artist’s proofs of the canvas “BLOOD IS MONEY”. Each part benefits from augmented reality thanks to the application developed by Kaleido AR enjoyed through Kaleido‘s iPhone or Android apps.

« BLOOD IS MONEY » private collection – USA


The « Love » canvas on the cover of IDEAT Magazine n° 100

Page 26 and 27: The canvas “ART OR DEATH” 200x146cm in the office of Mr Laurent Blanc (Founder and Editor of the magazine IDEAT)

Console (design and production Lynda-Laure Sciberras-graphism Yann Sciberras) at IDEAT headquarters.
In the 108th issue of IDEAT for the 15th anniversary of the magazine.
Pages 26, 27 and 31.

Rennes. The painter Yann Sciberras on then TF1 8 p.m. news


The painter from Rennes Yann Sciberras has created a canvas that will be shown during a retrospective, during the TF1 8pm news bulletin on December 31st.

It took me five hours of work… », says the internationally renowned artist, who has already responded to orders from Hugo Boss boutiques and who recently distinguished himself with an exhibition in the Paris metro.
Reference to Basquiat

His pictural work, nourished by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Combas, street art, bad painting, punk culture… is defined as « actualist » because he works from his view of the world in spontaneity, emotion, freshness, colour, graphics, also in the claim, the slogan… Artist of the instantaneous, the line and the colour, master of his talent, Yann Sciberras makes fun of the speeches, dogmas and theories that feed contemporary art.

Born in 1968, in a time of widespread questioning and need for new air, Yann Sciberras’ falsely naive painting brings freshness to today’s visual arts.

Graffiti on Canvas

Le Mensuel de Rennes n° 55

Jean’s with holes in it and a hooded jacket. It would not be surprising to see the Da Silva style silhouette in the corridors of the l’UBU or on the stage of the DEJAZEY , in Rennes. For a long time, the man oscillated between painting and music, before devoting himself fully to his first passion. « I remain marked by my experience as a musician. I always feel like I’m composing my paintings. I knit them like a song, with a gimmick and choruses. »

From the rock star, Yann Sciberras also follows the route. At 46 years old, the little guy from Lorient displays his paintings in shimmering colours and childish graphics in the galleries of the most beautiful cities in the world. Megève, Paris, London…

In his studio, nestled in unoccupied offices behind the Sévigné clinic in Cesson, about ten canvases are waiting in cardboard boxes for a departure for New York. An exhibition is planned for March. « I had the chance to meet the right people and be spotted by the right galleries, » he smiles modestly. It’s a very small world. And my style is unconventional. »

Something to catch the eye, certainly. Sciberras had the first of a live exercise during the 20h of TF1, on 31 December 2012: five hours to draw in retrospect the past year. The killings perpetrated by Mohammed Merah, the presidential election or the sinking of the Costa Concordia… Current events are set under his brush. An exercise he likes and masters. « I like to start from what’s happening in the world to paint. There is a certain vehemence in my paintings. But I’m trying to put distance and humour into it. »

Definitely urban and figurative, very close to graffiti, Sciberras’ art knows how to bring together funny skulls, su-sexual characters and guns of all kinds on resolutely joyful acrylics. Man does not hide his influences: Dubuffet, Klee, Basquiat… « When I was a kid, I thought I was a genius because I wrote on my drawings. And then I came across a book by Basquiat…. There is no genius, only people are inspired. »

Tiphaine Réto

Sciberras, the world in a graf


Graffiti, slogans, characters that explode on the surface of the canvas, in falsely naive, acidic colours.

Yann Sciberras’ paintings tell us about life in its ephemeral, anxious and sometimes absurd aspects. As in Crash City, which deals with urban madness and the perpetual movement of metropolises.

« Today, when everything is fleeting, when everything becomes perishable and disposable, when even wars are lightning, I try to fix the images, the emotions and my intimate perception of what surrounds me, » says this 42-year-old Rennes artist, who attended a business school and holds a master’s degree in art history. A way to seize the evils of our time, pollution, overpopulation, wars, the reign of the car. But without any aggressiveness, and always with humour.

Yann Sciberras is exhibiting until February on line 14 of the Parisian metro, as part of the STOP IT! exhibition organized by the RATP (Bercy-Gare de Lyon-Madeleine-Pyramides stations). Her paintings can also be seen in the Art up déco and Chantal Blumann galleries in Paris.

Florence Pitard.

My « Vogue Fashion Night Out » in five favorites


Brush stroke by Yann Sciberras at Hugo Boss

I decide to visit Hugo Boss, which supports contemporary art, thanks in particular to the Hugo Boss Prize in partnership with the Guggenheim Foundation. After the windows designed by Angéline Melin from the Flaqship store on the Champs Elysée, the Saint Honoré boutique welcomes the French artist, Yann Sciberras. He will create a live fresco using the codes of the house. From punk and rock culture, her pictorial work shows spontaneity, humour and self-derision. He is influenced by the movement of free figuration and bad painting. It combines the forms, the words version « in english ». His art is expressed through a flow of signs, images, words, warnings without imposing itself as an honour of lesson but as a witness of our contemporary society. I witness Yann Sciberras’ first brushstrokes on the canvas…. who explains his approach as follows: « Today, when everything is fleeting, when the perennial is measured in hours, when everything becomes perishable and disposable, when even wars are enlightened, I try to fix by what some may call graffiti, words or slogans, emotions and my intimate perception of what surrounds me ». 4 hours later, this colorful fresco is finished. Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please no longer holds any secrets for me Since I am in a color theme, why don’t I go see the Issey Miyake house that is launching a book dedicated to Pleats Please. The Japanese company launched its first Pleats Please collections in 1993. The originality of this line is in the innovative manufacturing process: the clothes made from a single piece of 100% polyester fabric, are first cut and sewn two and a half times larger than they will be when finished, then the pieces are passed by hand in a hot press, the garment comes out with permanent folds. For the first time, the story of the pleated fabric is told in this book published by Taschen. Now I know a little more about the process but in addition I have seen beautiful images of the book projected in the shop.

By Corinne Jeammet Journalist, in charge of the Culturebox Fashion section.

Yann Sciberras: the Punk Artist with Shimmering Colours


by Jean-Christophe COLLET

Yann Sciberras fled Paris. Between Lorient and Carnac, the painter has found a haven of peace where he has set up his studio.

No more blues-electro-rock concerts where he painted on stage. No more Parisian punk artist life. He now lives in Brittany in the open air where he paints the hardness of the world without being a lesson giver! On the contrary, he is often in a humorous and self-mockery mood. It crushes the « worst » in the shimmering « colours ». « I testify against mercantilism, the absurdity of the world and the excesses of technology, » he states.
A Way to get Sex

Regularly exhibited during the Circuits des Têtes de l’Art, his paintings spread words like slogans. Feeding on current events, they are like winks, warnings, denunciations of the contemporary world. « I always compare a painting to a song, » says the urban poet. « Painting must be a language. It must convey messages… »

Sometimes to the point of using his painting as a real communication tool for customers. He has recently worked for Le Duff, Hermes, Hugo Boss and many other companies. « I drew the ceiling of the Contrescarpe bar, » he adds. « I don’t lose my soul. Working with business leaders is a real challenge. It opens me to another world. Nothing simple, you have to know how to keep your style while responding to a command. »

Guest of honour at Hugo Boss, the artist gave a live performance at the Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012. Invited by the TF1 channel, he summarized the news of 2012 on a canvas as part of a five-hour performance. The report, entitled Retrospective in « painting », was broadcast on December 31, 2012 on the 8pm television news. But we will stop there the long litany of his performances to avoid making him blush…

The sentence of the day: « during an event, an artistic evening, a product launch… The performance allows guests to attend a real show. It is an excellent way to stand out from the competition, to highlight the brand’s values, to sublimate the company’s history, its DNA, its culture… », explains Yann Sciberras.

Yann Sciberras opted for a totally delirious and fantastic staging. Each painting is driven by a real passion and an impeccable and striking brushstroke!

When art meets fashion. On the occasion of the “VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT”, on Thursday 6 September 2012, HUGO BOSS honours contemporary art, calling on the painter Yann Sciberras. Influenced by the movement of free figuration, his work is incisive, offbeat and resolutely urban. This artistic witness, as he likes to define himself, mixes self-mockery and humour. His painting is an explosive mixture of flashy and pop colours as well as words used as a catchphrase to urban influence. It combines the forms and words “in english” version. His paintings tell a story, a truth through slogans and poems. From 6pm to 10pm, Yann Sciberras will perform a live performance using the codes of HUGO BOSS. With this event, HUGO BOSS confirms its involvement in contemporary art. In association with the Guggenheim Foundation, the ready-to-wear giant created the HUGO BOSS Prize in 1996. This award represents one of the oldest partnerships between fashion and art today. This prize is an international reference value. Awarded every two years, it is endowed with $100,000 and is accompanied by a temporary exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York. Winners include Matthew Barney (1996), Douglas Gordon (1998), Pierre Huyghe (2002) or Tacita Dean (2006).

The 9th HUGO BOSS Award will be presented on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at the Guggenheim in New York.
In the meantime, an appointment will be held on Thursday 6 September from 6pm to 10pm at the HUGO BOSS boutique – 372, rue Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris.

Yann Sciberras, Desirable Punk Artist

By Julie Vasseur

Interview of the offbeat and stylish blog! WACKY DESIGN

From the punk-rock scene, extraordinary artist-painter, claimant, subversive under naive traits, Yann Sciberras is everything I love, a free thinker. His figurative style with childish colours is offbeat, incisive, definitely wacky. Interview!

Who are you Yann Sciberras?

I am a painter attached to his brushes since the age of 6 years, having made his debut in the world of punk-rock music that I left in 2010 to devote myself exclusively to painting. I live and work in Brittany.

You claim to be a Punk Artist – What does that mean to you?

I am very attached to the notion of personal freedom, to the « do it yourself » with all that it implies… I admit to having a rather subversive mind, a rejection for all forms of dogma, I like improvisation, singularity, derision…

Your paintings are vivid, colorful and falsely naive. What inspires you? What is your artistic approach?

Everything that surrounds us, life, people, the world and often its absurdity fuelled by current events, our failings, but I never impose myself as a lesson giver, I am always in derision and especially self-derision. I consider myself just as a smuggler, a witness of our society, my work is simply an invitation to reflect, to react to what surrounds us. Each piece is a mirror effect that must respect everyone’s freedom of thought.

Can you tell me about the importance of writing in your paintings?

It must have come from my past as a songwriter (self-derision). More seriously, I have always loved writing as a graphic art form in its own right, both drawing and writing have the aim of producing meaning. I use it in the form of slogans, rather incisive and nuanced by a colourful and falsely « naive » style, a way of getting the pill through!

You paint on everyday objects. What double play are you playing? Half work of art, half design object?

No double play, simply the hijacking of objects, a way to get them out of everyday life, out of their primary function. To no longer represent the object but to consider it as a medium of expression. I’m not sure if it can be considered as a Design object, because I’m just working on it.

By the way, which design icon would match perfectly with your paintings?

I admit to being a big fan of Le Corbusier, but recently I discovered, thanks to my wife, a designer named Pierre Lota, his creations are part of the DIY, they are simple, refined, often raw in appearance and have the added advantage of being part of our current lifestyles. His website: pierrelota.com.

Let’s talk seriously, if I want to buy one of your works, how do I do it?

Simply, you can contact serious galleries with whom I have been working for a few years…

Yann Sciberras – Rock in colors –

BE-ALL the be art luxury love magazine

by Micha Christos

Yann Sciberras is an artist before he is a painter. Attached to his brushes since the age of 6, he made his debut in the world of Rock-Punk music without ever being able to leave this visceral need for expression through drawing and colour.

After a career as a singer and songwriter within the GROOVYTHINGZ band, he decided to devote himself entirely to it since 2010. Communicating, writing, sharing are the driving forces behind her inspiration.

Witness of his time, his works recount current events, combine key words and symbols to give complete freedom to interpretations and projections. Each work is a mirror that respects everyone’s freedom of thought.

Nourished by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jean Dubuffet and Keith Haring, Yann Sciberras has created a highly recognizable style that places him at the heart of the « free figuration » movement and in the category of so-called « actualist » artists.

Yann Sciberras uses his brush to paint with strength and dynamism works that speak with power, refusing to allow indifference to take its place. It features offbeat characters, his modern-day heroes. Incisive, resolutely urban, he uses words as slogans to invite reflection and reaction on what surrounds us.

His works are exhibited at the gallery DEBUT CONTEMPORARY at Notting Hill in London.

In 2011 and 2012 his frescoes have been installed on line 14 of the Paris metro in partnership with the RATP.

Yann Sciberras also performed for HUGO BOSS at the VOGUE FASHION NIGHT OUT in 2012 and painted a canvas for a TF1 report entitled « Retrospective in Painting » that same year, broadcast on December 31 on the 8pm news.

Currently, he is participating in the 8th edition of « L’ART AU SOMMET » in Courchevel until 17 April 2017.

He will soon customize Hermès and Vuitton bags for ADDICTOCHIC and has worked on the DNA of the Bulthaup brand for which he made a personalized order. Keeping a taste for the stage and the show, he films the realization of his paintings for ARTYCLIP, a new concept of online art gallery that gives collectors the opportunity to witness the genesis of the works. Yann Sciberras dresses mailboxes and traffic lights, a messenger that nothing can stop…

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