Art collector testimony : Jean- François Deliot-Roudaut

Some encounters are remembered more than others …
I had the opportunity to meet Yann Sciberras in 2015 during a collision in Parisian traffic
while he was on his way to my office … the world is small but there was destiny at work.
I was discovering the work of this confirmed artist and falling in love with his very own style.
I quickly acquired a canvas and impregnated myself with his style and placed an order for urban furniture.
Seeing the interest to diversify Yann accepted the bet and I entrusted him with the realization of a mailbox of the PTT.
On a new adventure, I entrusted him with the creation of traffic lights, petrol cans, doors of mini Austin country man of 1969.
I will continue to acquire works by this very talented artist.

Jean- François Deliot-Roudaut – art collector – Paris