My « Vogue Fashion Night Out » in five favorites


Brush stroke by Yann Sciberras at Hugo Boss

I decide to visit Hugo Boss, which supports contemporary art, thanks in particular to the Hugo Boss Prize in partnership with the Guggenheim Foundation. After the windows designed by Angéline Melin from the Flaqship store on the Champs Elysée, the Saint Honoré boutique welcomes the French artist, Yann Sciberras. He will create a live fresco using the codes of the house. From punk and rock culture, her pictorial work shows spontaneity, humour and self-derision. He is influenced by the movement of free figuration and bad painting. It combines the forms, the words version « in english ». His art is expressed through a flow of signs, images, words, warnings without imposing itself as an honour of lesson but as a witness of our contemporary society. I witness Yann Sciberras’ first brushstrokes on the canvas…. who explains his approach as follows: « Today, when everything is fleeting, when the perennial is measured in hours, when everything becomes perishable and disposable, when even wars are enlightened, I try to fix by what some may call graffiti, words or slogans, emotions and my intimate perception of what surrounds me ». 4 hours later, this colorful fresco is finished. Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please no longer holds any secrets for me Since I am in a color theme, why don’t I go see the Issey Miyake house that is launching a book dedicated to Pleats Please. The Japanese company launched its first Pleats Please collections in 1993. The originality of this line is in the innovative manufacturing process: the clothes made from a single piece of 100% polyester fabric, are first cut and sewn two and a half times larger than they will be when finished, then the pieces are passed by hand in a hot press, the garment comes out with permanent folds. For the first time, the story of the pleated fabric is told in this book published by Taschen. Now I know a little more about the process but in addition I have seen beautiful images of the book projected in the shop.

By Corinne Jeammet Journalist, in charge of the Culturebox Fashion section.