Launching of the Mini electric for the concession BMW Huchet in Rennes

A partnership with L’Artillerie for the release of the new Mini Electric ! Thank you BMW Huchet !

MINI Store Huchet opens its 1st ephemeral concession in the heart of Rennes.
A 100% BIG LOVE concept.
MINI Huchet, a local car dealership established for more than 50 years in the Ille-et-Vilaine region, has joined forces with La Visitation, an urban shopping center in Rennes, to open the first ephemeral car dealership in the center of Rennes.
MINI is an urban brand by nature. In the era of electromobility and all the changes it implies for motorists, it seemed fundamental to us to get closer to our clientele to present the New MINI Electric in a different but usual setting. Or how to combine the discovery of a new car with shopping for the kids or the latest must-have novel of the new literary season!
MINI Electric is the ultimate electric city car that combines driving pleasure and design. Design has been part of the brand’s DNA since its launch. Our ephemeral dealership is no exception to the rule: 100% of its furniture comes from world-famous designers (Cinna, Knoll, USM, Ligne Rosset…), some of them local. As for the front of the store, it features a giant work of art custom-made by a world-renowned Breton artist, Yann Sciberras, who was able to perfectly convey the values of our brand and give it that touch of optimism, pop and fun that makes you feel good!