Ristorante Del Arte testimony

In March 2017, I took over the business of the ristorante DEL ARTE in Lagny-Sur-Marne as a franchisee. To relaunch this restaurant, I wanted to give it a soul by personalizing the table service, animating the point of sale (concerts, sports broadcasts, etc…) and inviting art in my establishment. I wanted to shake up the codes of chain-table restaurants.
Yann Sciberras, a punk artist, created the painting « NO JUNK BUT FOOD ». I gave Yann the freedom to express himself in relation to the world of restoration as he sees it, just taking up the codes of Italy. The painting was presented to the public at the change of ownership party, supported by a video of Yann’s performance.
Objective achieved, « NO JUNK JUST FOOD » caught the eye and animated the discussions. Finally, the painting does not leave adults and children indifferent. This painting has never left the room to the joy of my customers and my team.
Through his works, Yann Sciberras is the catalyst of our modern society with its good and bad sides. The colors soften the violence of our society… the details are caricatures of our world, which treat in derision and with humor our choice of society. Everything is chosen with balance to give us hope for a better world if we take the time to step back from our canvases or life in general.


Cyril TANGUY  Ristorante Del Arte