Stop! Stop for a moment for Art

Le Parisien

If you have the opportunity to take line 14, you can enjoy the « Stop it! Art, utopia and mechanics« .

And if you don’t go there, it may be a good opportunity to go and discover the Bercy, Gare de Lyon, Pyramide and Madeleine resorts.

Five artists, painters and sculptors, have been invited by RATP, in partnership with  Art Up Déco, to invest the cultural showcases with their works.

Terri Bourdon, Thierry Deroche, Laurent Godard, Karine Romanelli and Yann Sciberras share their vision of today’s world. Constraints, joys and emotions are mixed with the elements that they believe move the world and life: art, utopia and mechanics. « Stop it! « to stop, for a moment at a glance, for a metro to arrive, to discover their vision with pleasure and humour.