Take art at the Marty hotel


In a lively and diverse district of Bordeaux, this new hotel concept celebrates all forms of artistic expression.

By Delphine Cadilhac (LE POINT newspaper)

An administrative and business district close to the center of Bordeaux, Mériadeck is distinguished by its modernist aesthetic inherited from the 1960s and 1970s, whose architecture, typical of the collective housing of the time, has its detractors as well as its admirers today. In the midst of a major transformation, it is home to some new and exciting spots, such as the Marty, acquired by the Vicartem/Extendam duo and managed by Younight Hospitality.

This former 2-star establishment has been transformed into a hybrid lifestyle address with 61 rooms and a hushed atmosphere, with a vibrant heart built around a monumental bar 13 meters long! A gallery hotel or hotel gallery whose name combines the « M » of Mériadeck with a decisive « arty » identity.

A creative urban living space, like an incubator, the Marty aims to offer travelers unprecedented immersive experiences in the local culture, by highlighting artists from all horizons: DJs, musical performers, graffiti artists, sculptors… Since opening in April, Nell Caritey-Hergué, a gallery owner and founder of L’Artillerie, a Rennes-based agency (like the owners) for artist promotions and art space development, has been bringing together the eclectic works of eight mostly northwestern signatures, while waiting for the local up-and-comers: Charlotte Lemaire-Thimel’s and Tom Nelson’s abstract paintings, Morgane Richard’s photos, Ozana’s street artist stencils, Gil’s stainless steel and steel sculptures. S., wood, stone and metal mobiles by Camille Tan, baroque shell ornaments by Nidpie, urban « actualist » paintings by Yann Sciberras.

You can wander around the hotel like in a gallery: from 90 to 22,000 euros, all the works are for sale, listed in a small catalog. « I like upcycling a lot, like many of my artists. Giving new life to objects and materials is a form of CSR commitment, which is necessary today, » says the gallery owner. A nice initiative on the evening of the inauguration, the artist Yann Sciberras has customized with his zany and offbeat style small objects purchased at Emmaus that he sold during the event, for the benefit of this same foundation.