Yann Sciberras, Desirable Punk Artist

Interview of the offbeat and stylish blog! WACKY DESIGN

From the punk-rock scene, extraordinary artist-painter, claimant, subversive under naive traits, Yann Sciberras is everything I love, a free thinker. His figurative style with childish colours is offbeat, incisive, definitely wacky. Interview!

Who are you Yann Sciberras?

I am a painter attached to his brushes since the age of 6 years, having made his debut in the world of punk-rock music that I left in 2010 to devote myself exclusively to painting. I live and work in Brittany.

You claim to be a Punk Artist – What does that mean to you?

I am very attached to the notion of personal freedom, to the “do it yourself” with all that it implies… I admit to having a rather subversive mind, a rejection for all forms of dogma, I like improvisation, singularity, derision…

Your paintings are vivid, colorful and falsely naive. What inspires you? What is your artistic approach?

Everything that surrounds us, life, people, the world and often its absurdity fuelled by current events, our failings, but I never impose myself as a lesson giver, I am always in derision and especially self-derision. I consider myself just as a smuggler, a witness of our society, my work is simply an invitation to reflect, to react to what surrounds us. Each piece is a mirror effect that must respect everyone’s freedom of thought.

Can you tell me about the importance of writing in your paintings?

It must have come from my past as a songwriter (self-derision). More seriously, I have always loved writing as a graphic art form in its own right, both drawing and writing have the aim of producing meaning. I use it in the form of slogans, rather incisive and nuanced by a colourful and falsely “naive” style, a way of getting the pill through!

You paint on everyday objects. What double play are you playing? Half work of art, half design object?

No double play, simply the hijacking of objects, a way to get them out of everyday life, out of their primary function. To no longer represent the object but to consider it as a medium of expression. I’m not sure if it can be considered as a Design object, because I’m just working on it.

By the way, which design icon would match perfectly with your paintings?

I admit to being a big fan of Le Corbusier, but recently I discovered, thanks to my wife, a designer named Pierre Lota, his creations are part of the DIY, they are simple, refined, often raw in appearance and have the added advantage of being part of our current lifestyles. His website: pierrelota.com.

Let’s talk seriously, if I want to buy one of your works, how do I do it?

Simply, you can contact serious galleries with whom I have been working for a few years…