Yann Sciberras: the Punk Artist with Shimmering Colours


by Jean-Christophe COLLET

Yann Sciberras fled Paris. Between Lorient and Carnac, the painter has found a haven of peace where he has set up his studio.

No more blues-electro-rock concerts where he painted on stage. No more Parisian punk artist life. He now lives in Brittany in the open air where he paints the hardness of the world without being a lesson giver! On the contrary, he is often in a humorous and self-mockery mood. It crushes the « worst » in the shimmering « colours ». « I testify against mercantilism, the absurdity of the world and the excesses of technology, » he states.

A Way to get Sex

Regularly exhibited during the Circuits des Têtes de l’Art, his paintings spread words like slogans. Feeding on current events, they are like winks, warnings, denunciations of the contemporary world. « I always compare a painting to a song, » says the urban poet. « Painting must be a language. It must convey messages… »

Sometimes to the point of using his painting as a real communication tool for customers. He has recently worked for Le Duff, Hermes, Hugo Boss and many other companies. « I drew the ceiling of the Contrescarpe bar, » he adds. « I don’t lose my soul. Working with business leaders is a real challenge. It opens me to another world. Nothing simple, you have to know how to keep your style while responding to a command. »

Guest of honour at Hugo Boss, the artist gave a live performance at the Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012. Invited by the TF1 channel, he summarized the news of 2012 on a canvas as part of a five-hour performance. The report, entitled Retrospective in « painting », was broadcast on December 31, 2012 on the 8pm television news. But we will stop there the long litany of his performances to avoid making him blush…

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The sentence of the day: « during an event, an artistic evening, a product launch… The performance allows guests to attend a real show. It is an excellent way to stand out from the competition, to highlight the brand’s values, to sublimate the company’s history, its DNA, its culture… », explains Yann Sciberras.